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Zumba Master Class Program Application

Zumba Master Class Program Application

YES! I want one of the spots in Zumba Master Class Program by Sandra Sii and I understand that if I am not a good fit for the program, there is a possibility that my application will not be accepted.

Kindly take this application seriously as we evaluate all candidates and wish to ensure anyone we accept will thrive in the Zumba Master Class Program by Sandra Sii.

Some of you may be rejected if we found your values to not be
aligned with Sandra’s.

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Rate yourself below. > 1-5: I will just learn what she teaches and take my time to implement the strategies > 5-7: I will take action but if challenges arise, I may give up > 7-9: I will take consistent actions towards my goal despite my challenges > 10: I am committed to do whatever it takes to achieve my personal breakthroughs
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