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``Cultivate Your Healthy Lifestyle in the Next 3 Weeks ... NO Equipment Required, Stay At Home, Suitable For Lazy People Like Me!`` Start Your Zumba Challenge NOW on the First Day of October!!!``

Come join my favorite fitness class and start workout now.
Remember, the only bad workout is you did not even start any workout at all!

21 Days Zumba Challenge
Next challenge starts on 1st October 2023.
You can start right now with my personal coaching.


Looking for tips to stay healthy?

There are tons and tons of information on health and fitness now. But what is the best and effective one that suits you? Well, you won’t know until you try out and go through many rounds of trials and errors. Perhaps, you join a gym membership, but you give up as you hardly make time to attend the gym fitness class. Perhaps, you try to implement a new diet plan, but after some time, you just cannot bear it any longer and return to your former way of diet. You may have tried different exercises, but you stop because those workouts are boring, tiring and even causing some body ache to you! 

If any of the above scenarios is your experience and you still feel frustrated with yourself for not able to cultivate a steady workout habit, please read on! Let me propose to you a 21-day Zumba challenge! Zumba is an extremely popular workout now. Over 15 million people across 195 countries practise Zumba every week. This workout is a powerful calorie killer, which burns 600 – 1000 calories in just one hour! No gym equipment or spacious space required at all.

In this 21-day Zumba challenge, you will get to enjoy:

  1. Cultivating a holistic healthy lifestyle which will improve your sleep, diet, workout plan, mood, and confidence.
  2. Personal 1-1 coaching in Zumba workout plan via different movement with at least 100 songs. It’s fun and effective! And most importantly, you won’t get bored at all!
  3. Burning 600 – 1000 calories per hour: you get to shed off extra body fat and boost up your metabolism rate! 
  4. Enjoy the goodness of endorphins releasing into your body after your Zumba workout. Do you know that Endorphins is the so called “happy” hormone that gives a positive impact on your emotional wellbeing.
  5. Advice on Plate by Zumba Nutrition Program for you to maintain a normal BMI while you can still savour your favourite food. No supplements or slimming products required, all you need is to consume fresh, healthy, and unprocessed food.

Look no further! Join me in this 21-day Zumba challenge on every first day of the month. You shall in no time living a healthy lifestyle and bring out the best of you!

Have you ever wondered about being consistent with your workout right from home?

Especially if you are still doubtful on the safety of returning to the gym?
Or sometimes the fitness class is already fully booked due to limited slot available?

I'm Sandra Sii.

Throughout the MCO (Movement Control Order) in Malaysia, my students from both Malaysia and Australia have completed the 28 Days Everyday Zumba Challenge, which covered a total of 77 songs with me! Kudos to them! ️

This is to tell you that regular exercise is FUN! This marvelous workout program shall keep you going on as you get to experience different songs and movement steps everyday under the guidance of your coach. This 40-minutes workout is not tough at all, but is definitely going to be an exciting activity for you! And, the plus point is, you CAN accomplish it , even if you are a newbie to Zumba.

Build Aerobic Power

So you can function at your maximum!

Join me TODAY and I will give you a 21-days Zumba Journey travel pass for 10 different Virtual Zumba classes and 100 songs.

Boost Your Memory

Improve your cognitive function

During this 21-days Zumba journey, I will coach you so you can experience my 24-hour virtual Zumba classes. Fret not, for I am with you, helping you to overcome whatever fear, difficulty, and obstacles you may face.

Promote Restful Sleep

Build up immunity and lower anxiety

It is my sincere wish that through this Zumba journey, you can achieve better health, better mood, and better lifestyle amid your hectic days.

  • Secret No. 1 :Regular exercise with sufficient water intake
  • Secret No. 2 :Balanced diet
  • Secret No. 3 :Good quality of sleep and good mood

Top 3 secrets of a healthy lifestyle which can bring out the best of you…

Who Are With You On This Zumba Journey?

The Qualified & Experienced Partners

Licensed Zumba Instructor

Since August 2018

LICENSED TO TEACH:Zumba, Zumba Gold®, Zumba® Kids & Kids Junior.

Zumba combines Latin and International Music with a fun and effective workout system. Today, over 15 million people across 195 countries practice it every week.

Plate By Zumba Coach

Since March 2020

Plate by Zumba is a nutrition program promoting healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle.

I will coach you with the general Plate by Zumba diet program to reach your nutrition goals using a new, simple and practical method of healthy eating.

It is great that you love your family and are always busy for them! But please don't forget to take good care of yourself.

Out of 24 hours a day, invest just 40 minutes for your own health. Exercise releases happy hormones which help you to relax and release stress. Drinking plenty of water and sweating can increase your metabolism and strengthen your immunity. After exercise, you will surely feel completely different! Join me now to experience the movement in the music, a completely different way of workout! Fun and easy to follow steps!

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, everyone CAN complete this Zumba course. Believe in yourself, you are never too old to start doing physical workout for building a healthy wellbeing of yourself.

If you are still hesitant to go out and prefer to workout at the comfort of your home, I am here to provide you the 24-hours online Zumba Course (40 minutes each lesson). You can freely choose your own time for workout regardless of which countries or time zone you are in. Most importantly, you have me to be your workout companion. I am here to encourage you and share with you on my personal journey of how I cultivate my regular weekly workout habit for the past 4 years.  

Let’s work on this together!

  • 1st Winner :3 weeks unlimited Zumba + Do It With Me + 3 diet info sharing phone calls (30 min each)
  • 2nd Winner :2 weeks unlimited Zumba + Do It With Me + 2 diet info sharing phone calls (30 min each)
  • 3rd Winner :1 week unlimited Zumba + Do It With Me + 1 diet info sharing phone call (30 min each)


How It Works?

A virtual Zumba class link and password will be sent to you daily from the 1st day of the month. You will have the duration of 24 hours to complete the 40 minutes workout. There are 10 different classes with 100 songs. Upon completion of the everyday class, you need to fill up a class completion form to inform me of your Zumba challenge accomplishment.

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